Jessie’s Story

Without a doubt, seeing how dementia affects someone close to you is a very distressing and at times, can be an emotionally-overwhelming experience. The progressive disease not only affects memory and communication, but it can also interfere with a person’s ability to complete tasks independently and affect their mood or behaviour. 

Here at Rowallan House, we’ve been supporting people with dementia and their families for 40 years. In this blog post, we want to highlight the story of Jessie, a woman living with dementia and limited mobility.                                                                                                                                                            

Jessie had been receiving live-in care support from her daughter and son-in-law for 6 years. As they were her primary caretakers, they lived together. Time went by. It soon became obvious that they were getting older too and the strain of caring for another person was starting to show. 

The reality is that dementia is a progressive disease. This means that symptoms will get worse over time, as in the case of Jessie, who soon began to need more and more help with her daily routine. Even everyday things we take for granted, such as bathing, became challenging. This began to have a substantial effect on the health of her daughter and son-in-law. 

Realising that something needed to be done, her family began to look into other options. However, like many families navigating the journey of dementia, they were initially reluctant to approach a care home. They were plagued by feelings of guilt. What would people say about them? Had they failed as family members if they were no longer able to cope with their ageing mother? 

At the same time, Jessie’s family was worried about placing her in the care of a stranger, not least because Jessie could be very stubborn and abrupt. However, their concerns were soon alleviated when they met with the manager and were able to discuss Jessie’s needs. Together, they talked about her interests, the food she enjoyed eating and the ways dementia was impacting her daily life.

A care plan was put in place. With round-the-clock care at her disposal, Jessie was able to re-engage with the activities that meant the most to her. What a difference it made! It wasn’t long before Jessie was even playing the piano – something she hadn’t done in over 15 years!

With help and support from the knowledgeable care staff at Rowallan House, Jessie was able to live a happy and enjoyable life for the next four years. Her daughter and son-in-law visited regularly and were thrilled to see how truly happy she was for the first time in a long time. Plus, her family was able to let go of any guilt they once felt as they saw how Jessie was once again enjoying her life. 

As long-term members of Dementia Friends and the Alzheimer’s Society, we are up to date with the latest information and medical advances in dementia care. Our staff are trained as dementia care specialists and have extensive knowledge of how to manage the mental and emotional challenges associated with dementia. Our residential care home is also equipped with a sensory room and we run reminiscence and recall sessions to nurture and support those with dementia. 

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