Wellbeing and residential care

Here at Rowallan House, we believe that good mental wellbeing is just as important as good physical health. However, as we grow older, more of a focus is often placed on looking after your body and taking care of physical symptoms rather than nurturing mental wellbeing. We take mental health in older people seriously and do everything we can to ensure our residents and staff are well and happy. 

In this blog post, we discuss residential care in Chadwell Heath, Romford and share how we proactively monitor and take care of people’s mental health. 

Your mental health matters

Maintaining your mental health is essential for maintaining a high quality of life, feeling fulfilled and having purpose. Sadly, loneliness, grief, anxiety and depression are some of the feelings that older people often experience. These feelings can result from increased isolation, limited mobility, financial restraints and reduced independence. According to statistics, 1 in four older people live with a common mental health condition. 

While we often emphasise eating well, staying physically fit, looking after your body and taking any prescribed medications, it’s equally important to look after your mind.

Promoting mental health through meaningful activities 

We believe people should be seen as individuals and have the opportunity to participate in activities that bring meaning to their lives. We also believe it’s important that people feel connected to the world rather than feel isolated. Our dedicated events and activities coordinator organises  activities like quizzes, bingo and other games as well drama, arts and crafts for residents to engage in if they wish. This helps build a sense of community, encourage social interaction, and help people maintain their interests and develop new ones. Residents can choose whether they wish to participate or not. 

Encouraging and empowering independence 

Another key part of maintaining good mental health and wellbeing is feeling in control and having the ability to maintain one’s independence as much as possible. We understand that moving into residential care is a natural time of loss and transition, requiring a person to adapt to a new way of life. We take care to provide a supportive environment where we always respect our residents’ dignity, choices and the right to control their own lives as much as possible. Residents are encouraged to decorate their own rooms with personal touches, build relationships with other residents and staff and make their own decisions. 

Wellbeing at Rowallan House

The happiness and wellbeing of our residents and staff is a top priority at Rowallan House. As a local, family-run care home, we have family values at heart and treat everything with the respect, dignity and kindness they deserve. With its cosy atmosphere, Rowallan House is a space where everyone feels welcomed and well cared for. It’s truly a home away from home for staff and residents alike. We hope you feel at home here. 

Get in touch 
Are you interested in becoming part of our family here at Rowallan House? We’d love to get to know you. Please feel free to get in touch or call us on either 0800 999 8499 or 0208 597 4175 with any of your questions or concerns. One of our friendly staff would be pleased to provide you with more information.